Diva´s Weekly Challenge #271

Diva´s Weekly Challenge #271 „Beads of Courage“ Hier mein 1. Versuch. Ich bin nicht gerade glücklich mit dem Ergebnis. Ich habe die Kachel mit wasserlöslicher Farbe gefärbt. Leider verlief anschließend beim Tanglen die Farbe und die Bleistiftschattierungen verschmierten total. Spaß gemacht hat es trotzdem! Bei meiner nächsten Kachel werde ich es dann mit einer anderen Hintergrundfarbe versuchen.

Diva´s Weekly Challenge #271 “ Beads of Courage“ Here is my first attempt. I am not really happy with the result. I colored the tile with water-soluble paint. Result: when tangling the color runs and tthe pencil shades smudge. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun! For my next tile I will use different background color.


Vielen Dank für den Besuch meiner Seite! Wie immer freue ich mich auf eure Kommentare! Eure, Anja

Thank you for visiting my page! As usual I´m very much looking forward to read your comments! Big Hug, Anja

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  1. When this is the first time that you use watercolors you may be proud of the result. The background is beautiful and I like the different patterns you have used on your beads. This is a very nice tile Anja!

    • Ria, I used water-soluble pens. The result is different. With watercolor I never had such a problem. Lesson learned 😉 I wish you a Happy evening!

  2. I love your tile Anja. You may see „errors“ in your color, but I think it turned out beautiful. Sometimes we just have to go with it and it will be alright. The beads are wonderful and the colors really enhance the whole tile

  3. Oh I love this. You did a wonderful job tangling the beads. I had a little trouble doing my background colors too, however, like you I had a fun time doing the tiles. :0)

  4. The thing about a soft background colour is that only you know if something goes „wrong“. Those of us who come to look at it assume you did it deliberately. And, by the way, it looks lovely.

  5. Mir gefällt dein erster Versuch auch sehr gut. Besonders die Beads mit den verschiedenen schönen Muster. Liebe Grüße, Sabine

  6. I love your tile! The beads are beautifully tangles and just the hint of color sets it off nicely. I certainly can’t see any problem with it. It is very nicely done!

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