Dobby & DC #306

Schon wieder Sonntag… Gestern habe ich den ganzen Tag im Garten gebuddelt. Und dann ist da noch unser Dobby, der mit seiner Dosenöffnerin spielen möchte.

Yet again Sunday… Yesterday I spent the whole day with digging in the garden. And then there´s our Dobby, who wants to play with his tin opener.

„Hallo, ich bin Dobby. Wie ich Zentangle finde? Naja,… Die Kacheln kann man prima anknabbern und die Stifte rollen echt prima… Aber das stört angeblich den flow.  🙁 Was ich dann mache? Naja,… Bilder auf den Boden werfen z. B.. Das erzeugt Aufmerksamkeit. 😉 Und Bilder sind echt bequem. Glaub mir…“ Bis bald Euer Dobby

„Hi, I´m Dobby. Whether I like Zentangle? Well… I like to take a bite of the tiles or play with the pens. But that allegedly disturbs the flow. 🙁 What do I do then? Well, … throwing pictures on the ground, for example. This creates attention. 😉 And pictures are really comfortable. Believe me…“ See you soon, Dobby

Gerade noch rechtzeitig habe ich eine Kachel für die Diva´s Weekly Challenge #306 getangled. Das Thema in dieser Woche: UMT –Amphora- von ZenLilyMoon. Kombiniert habe ich das Muster mit –Zimba- von Ria Matheussen.

 Just in time I tangled a tile for „Diva´s Weekly Challenge #306: UMT Amphora by ZenLilyMoon. I combined -Amphora- with -Zimba- by Ria Matheussen.

Vielen Dank für den Besuch meiner Seite! Wie immer freue ich mich auf Eure Kommentare! Eure Anja

Thank you for visiting my page! As usual I’m very much looking forward to reading your comments! Much Love! Anja

7 Kommentare zu “Dobby & DC #306

  1. I like Dobby immediately and I am sure you gonna have a new friend forever. My youngest son is allergic for cats but still he has three of them and he can’t live without them, not even for one single day!
    What a nice surprise to see ZImba in combination with Amphora. I don’t say this because it is one of my tangles but this is really a gorgeous tile, I couldn’t do it better, it is wonderfu drawn with nice balance and contrast. It makes me very glad. Thank you dear Anja and wish you lots of fun with Dobby!

  2. Dobby is too cute! I look forward to more photos! Fabulous Amphora Tile! Love all the tangles you’ve used. They compliment each other perfectly! Terrific shading! 🙂

  3. I love your little Dobby, too. I also have help from my 3 fur babies, Mistoffellees, Nicholas, and Salem. All 3 are black cats and love to sit in the middle of what I am doing or watch the pencils and pens roll onto the floor. Enjoy the love of your little friend Dobby and sometimes get inspiration from him. I love your tile, the linework is so precise. It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing your tile and your adorable little Dobby!

    • Many thanks for your kind comment! Yes, I enjoy every day with our Dobby! He gives me so much love and vitality. 🙂 I wish you and your fur babies a wonderful week!

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